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Hi, I'm Chang Li 👋

UX/UI Designer and freelance Graphic Designer

I graduated from Parsons with a background in BFA communication design. As someone with a passion for digital media and design, I aim to integrate my interests in creating experiences that bring a smile to people’s faces.

Case Studies
visula cover 7.jpg

PolarisJobs UX Internship
UX Research, UX/UI Design, Usability Testing

An MVP AI-powered B2C SaaS recruitment product to help candidates find the best job at startups/SMEs in the US.


Surfs up
UX Research, UI Design, Design System, Information Visualization

Visualizing surf weather forecasts to help all level surfers read forecast data and find their ideal surf spots.

Visual Design
Visual Design
visula cover 1.jpg

Carpe Diem

Typographic Installation

visula cover 2.jpg


Brand Identity + Visual Design

visula cover 8.jpg

Graphic Internship

Advertising, Graphic Design

visula cover 7.jpg

Photo Collection

Coding + Web API

visula cover 5.jpg

Motion Graphics

Animated Videos

Front Cover mp--.jpg

Love is Love

Editorial Design

Thank you so much for visiting my portfolio!

I'm happy to chat with you! Say 'hi' on my LinkedIn or

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