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Speculative brand design: a time traveling coffee shop



2022 (3 weeks)



Logo design, brand identity,

design system, mockup, ui design,

Project Type

Brand Identity

Tool/ Materials


Adobe Illustrator, photoshop, Figma

The Brand Concept

1700 is a time traveling coffee shop provides unique experience of escaping from the reality. Either time travel into the future or past is totally possible at 1700. Believe or not, time travel is possible. Every single second after you drink our customized coffee at the store, you are advancing into your own fantasy world. Nothing will feel different for you, the future and past is yours. 

1700 represents every busy 17:00 (5pm) in the afternoon. When is the rush hour when traffic gets busy? It is the only time travel coffee shop in the world that provides different immersive time traveling experience by drinking customized coffee because we believe every single individual student and worker has a completely different reality, even though we all live on the same planet. A little escape can be healing when people are feeling overwhelmed. The use of fantasy as a mental treatment and a means of avoiding conflicts and problems of daily living. 

Target Audience

College Students and Workers 

Time is the one to appreciate asset that we all have equality. Students and workers often live in a high-pressure working and studying environment. All of us have very different or similar lives and our minds are so puzzling and confusing sometimes, if imagining and creating a surreal life to their minds can be a good thing. However, it is impossible for people to go back to the past or experience the future world in the current real life. 

Brand Manifesto

Time is the one to appreciate asset that we all have equality. 

Brand Visual + Verbal Identity 

The next step, I started to create a brand identity based on the brand value of " A cup of coffee, escape form reality." for this concept, such as color guide, 

Slide 16_9 - 7.png

Brand Personality Traits

Chang Li_Brand Design_Page_11.jpg

Advertising posters

Logo Design

The logo was inspired by the brand name 1700 and its time travel concept. 'door'

Slide 16_9 - 3.png

Color Guide

Typography Guide

Screenshot 2023-07-22 at 8.46.54 PM.png

Graphic elements

Chang Li_Brand Design_Page_17.jpg
Chang Li_Brand Design_Page_16.jpg

Style Frame

Final Product
1700 logo mockup.png
Chang Li_Brand Design_Page_21.jpg
Chang Li_Brand Design_Page_27.jpg
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